Koons Lab

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Dave Koons   Associate Professor & James C. Kennedy Endowed Chair of Wetland and Waterfowl Conservation 

Interests: Waterfowl & Avian Ecology, Demography, Harvest, Life History Evolution, Population Dynamics, Senescence, Stochastic Environments, Wildlife Management & Conservation


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Franny Buderman Post-Doc 

Interests: Applied Statistical Ecology, Animal Movement, Population Dynamics, Spatio-Temporal Processes, Wildlife Management

Kristen Ellis   Ph.D. Student 

Interests: Shorebird Breeding Ecology, Avian and Wetland Conservation, Influence of Habitat Features and Behavior on Population Dynamics, Predator-Prey Interactions

Chris Vennum Ph.D. Student

Interests: Population Dynamics, Avian Migration & Physiology, Demography, Raptor Breeding Ecology, Wildlife Conservation

Casey Setash Ph.D. Student

Interests: Population Ecology, Waterfowl Breeding Ecology, Life History Theory, Cross-seasonal Effects, Private Lands Conservation, Wetland Conservation

Kelsey Navarre M.S. Student 

Interests: Waterfowl Ecology and Management, Avian and Wetland Conservation, Migration Ecology, Population Dynamics 

Lab Alumni

Jason Carlisle 2011

B.S. Thesis "Application of habitat and occupancy modeling to a wood duck nest box program" 

Now working for West Inc. after completing a Ph.D. in Wyoming

David Iles 2012

M.S. Thesis "Drivers of nest success and stochastic population dynamics of the common eider (Somateria mollissima)"

Now conducting a post-doc with Stephanie Jenouvrier at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Stephen Peterson 2012

M.S. Thesis "Legacy effects of habitat degradation by lesser snow geese on ground-nesting savannah sparrows along the Hudson Bay Lowlands

Now a wildlife biologist with H.T. Harvey & Associates

Lise Aubry 2009-2012

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Now an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University

Guillaume Peron 2010-2012

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Now a CNRS researcher in Lyon, France

Beth Ross 2013

Ph.D. Dissertation "Assessing changes in waterfowl population and community dynamics

Now Assistant Unit Leader, USGS, South Carolina Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

Konrad Hafen 2014

B.S. Research Project "Factors affecting intraspecific brood parasitism in wood ducks of the Intermountain West"

Now conducting a M.S. with Dr. Joe Wheaton at Utah State University

David Iles 2016

Ph.D. Dissertation "Effects of variable and changing environments on demography: Inference from a lesser snow goose colony"

Now conducting a post-doc with Stephanie Jenouvrier at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Jeff Warren 2017

Ph.D. Dissertation "Breeding season ecology and demography of lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) at Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge"

USFWS Wildlife Biologist

Channing Howard 2018

M.S. Thesis "Efficacy of translocation as a management tool for urban mule deer in Utah"

Utah DWR Wildlife Biologist